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Using the Arduino Uno to program ATTINY84-20PU

Arduinoの,ネジ,の写真,エレクトロニクス,Program Attiny84,Arduino,Newark Item,Raspberry Pi

Made by myself! Arduino UNO simulator 1.3

made at

Arduino Attiny Programming Shield

An Attiny is a great alternative to the atmega328, it is for those projects that need few GPIO pins and need to be portable. But unlike the atmgea328 the attiny cannot plug into an Arduino board and be programmed. Another way would be to use a breadboard and an Arduino uno as ISP, but it would be really messy and it would be hard to program it this way multiple times. A better way would be to program it on a shield and in today's instructable I'm going to show you how to build an attiny…

Make: Japan | Arduino搭載四足歩行ロボットのプログラム

Arduino based Lap Timer

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マイコン内蔵RGB LED WS2812B (2個入)

RDA5708 FM radio with Arduino



Clone a Remote with Arduino

Arduino remote/copycat