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Build Good Bones - Shady Backyard Retreat

Without organization, a hundred different perennials can look like yard salad. That’s where structures—pathways, evergreens, walls, hedges, edging, small trees, and ponds—come in. They define spaces, direct views, and lend interest even when the garden is dormant. One trick Linda uses is planting boxwoods or other small shrubs to accentuate the arc of a curving bed line. She also plants Japanese maples throughout because they’re so architectural. “They’re amazing,” she notes. “They look…

Small pond.


Japanese Maple Trees for Your Yard

Aconitifolium Japanese Maple I have this one in my yard! It's known as Full Moon Maple. The leaves come out yellow, turn chartreuse for most of the season and then bright yellow and orange in the fall. Huge leaves that make you look at them twice:)

Boxwoods and artemesia.

How to Build Your Own DIY Vertical Garden Wall

DIY - Garden Wall

Compound Your Interest - Shady Backyard Retreat

Individually, plants can be beautiful. Paired masterfully, they’re magnificent! So put spiky plants next to mounding plants. Marry big-leaved plants with small-leaved ones. Combine contrasting colors that brighten each other. Accent your plantings with pots, globes, colored bottles, sculpture—whatever. The goal is bringing your vision to life. Linda says, “I love painting the whole picture.”

Southern Garden | Boxwood and Lambs Ear

How To Plant Bulbs in Containers

How To Plant Bulbs in Containers | Planting bulbs in containers in the fall will give you a sunny show for spring. |

21 Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

Use graceful arching grasses to soften and conceal hard or unsightly edges of beds and borders. Just about any cascading plant can do the trick and look lovely at the same time./