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Washing a hand knotted Tibetan rug from Silk Road Weaves. Natural wash, no chemicals. After this, the rug is put on special stretchers to dry in the sun.

Fergana Valley - UZ -

On the southern silk road to Xinjiang. You need to connect in some areas by hitching, or getting shared SUV taxis like this one. The roads can be rough, as they're under construction in many areas.

Making Obon chouchin (lanterns). Obon is the festival of returning souls from the departed. The chochin light the way for their return. Fukushima, Japan.

Flaming Mountains, the Silk Road,by Frau Chrissie

Bearing the reputation of "the culinary capital of the Eastern Mediterranean", Aleppo produces a tasty spice, Capiscum known by the name of city as Aleppo pepper. During the period of the Silk Road, Aleppo was an important trading stop for the silk and spice-laden caravans on the route from the valley of the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea, with a command of both north-south and east-west routes.

Turpan, China -one of several stops along the Silk Road.

After the yarns (long-fiber Himalayan wool, in this case) are dyed, they are set out to dry. Then, woven into a beautiful hand knotted Tibetan rug from Silk Road Weaves.