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猫の恵方巻き - Cats Sushi Roll - --Seriously, a real cat is in that box. Meow.

Teens React to Epic Rap Battles of History

"Seizure In Public Experiment" by Molo Nation --So, what would you do if you saw a sick person have a seizure in public?

"Stealing from Homeless Experiment" by Molo Nation --What would you do if you saw a person steal something from another person?

"Robbery Prank Gone Wrong" by Molo Nation

"WATER BUCKET PRANK on the Beach" by Molo Nation --What a freaking efficient prank! Freaking nuts!

"Photo Bomb Prank" by Molo Nation --Now this is some fun and friendly photobombing!

"Megaphone Prank Free Compliments" by Molo Nation --Now then, time for some lighter stuff!

"Guns Get Pulled Out Over A Prank: Carjacking Prank Goes Wrong!" by Molo Nation | --Before I watched this video, I was worried. After I watched it, I was laughing and praising them pranksters. Freaking nuts, Molo Nation!

"Buying yogurt for kind people" by Molo Nation --Kindness, yogurt, kindness, yogurt, kindness, yogurt, KINDNESS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!