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【これは凄い】有名人たちの知られざるレア画像 125選


Vivien Leigh as a child, circa 1916 I can remember ages ago someone telling me that My daughter looked like Vivien Leigh as a child, I see what they mean!

World’s First Underwater Photo The first underwater camera system was developed by French scientist Louis Boutan in 1893. (via thehistoryprofessor)

“I didn’t want to be a war photographer in the first place, I wanted to show landscapes and peace, which is what I am doing now, and which I find much harder than photographing war. It doesn’t take much eyesight to photograph someone dying in front of you.” A mother and her child in a refugee camp from the war in Bangladesh. Photo and quote by Don McCullin. 1971.

Charles Manson as a baby.

Late 1930's. German, Austrian and Czechoslovakian children of Jewish descent were permitted to leave their countries and families on the Kindertransport; a train bound for Britain. These children ranged in age from infant to 17 and were placed with families in Britain. Many never saw their parents again.

03 1944: Un niño en el campo de detención de rehenes Ozarichy intenta despertar a su madre, que ha sido asesinado por los alemanes.