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Innsbruck, partly circa 1480-1500 Hermann Historica

European (German) riveted mail hauberk, 15th century, at the neck opening is a brass maker`s mark with gothic minuscules and three Maltese crosses, these brass marks can show the makers name and / or the town, it is constructed with more than 25.000 riveted rings. Length 88 cm. Weight 8.6 kg. The members of the German guild who made hauberks were called `Panzermacher´and in later centuries all goods made of wire were still called `Panzerwaren. H19.

Innsbruck, partly circa 1480-1500 Hermann Historica

European (German) riveted mail hauberk, 2nd half of the 15th century, mid thigh length shirt with short sleeves coming to just above the elbows and stand-up collar of heavier links. Composed of riveted links of round section, the chest with brass button stamped with the Nuremberg mark with the legend Stadt Nurmberg in Gothic miniscules. Condition: Showing some scattered holes and losses. Rear lower edge missing 3 inch x 20 inch section. Length: 32 inches. Weight: 11 pounds.

Barbute (from the Venetian Garrrison at Chalcis), c. 1350- 1420 North Italy, 14th-15th century iron,

European riveted mail hauberk, late 15th century. Low-carbon steel, hardened by quenching after construction, and copper alloy. Length: 71.1 cm, front. Length: 76.2 cm, back. Diameter: 1.07 cm, links. Weight: 7.485 kg, The Wallace Collection, (Wallace A6).

European (German, Nuremberg) riveted mail hauberk, end of the 15th century, long sleeves of flattened riveted rings, collar and seams are bordered with two rows of brass rings, original buckle with leather remnants is riveted to the collar, brass armourer's ring at the neck stamped with the maker's inscription, "Hans M..." in front of two stylised towers. Length 67 cm. Weight 14lbs. Late Gothic mail shirt in unusually fine condition. F1.

A GERMAN MAIL SHIRT, NUREMBERG 15TH /EARLY 16TH CENTURY Constructed entirely of rivetted iron rings, with closed front extending over the upper thighs, the back finishing shorter over the base of the thighs, short arms, and the front carrying a brass-headed rivet cast with Nuremberg mark on a raised shield encircled by the inscription 'Nuremberg Statt' in miniscules

Equestrian armour of Ottheinrich, Count Palantine of the Rhine. Dated 1532 and 1536.

European riveted mail hauberk, 15th century, round wire with alternating solid and riveted links, most likely wedge rivets, KHM Hofjagd-und Rustkammer - Armeria / Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna). A75

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