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Mark Gatiss on Mycroft

Most accurate thing ever. Except for the last one I had to pause my Netflix because I fell off the couch giggling and whispering, "Whaaaaaaaat happeeeened????"


Miko@BagEnd on

Benedict Cumberbatch <- - - - - - Totally pined this because one he was in Japan when this was taken and two he looks really hot in that robe. XD

I feel her pain. I kinda feel bad for the mom though. Having to look for the nonexistent pieces that would mend our sad and broken fandom. Wow, that got deep quickly.


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I love how Sherlock follows Mycroft out just to mess with him, and John is like "that's my boy" :D

Lestrade's phone pass ode is 'GREG.' Or he figures it out, and... 'Why Greg?' 'It's my name, Sherlock.' 'Your name is Graham!'