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What to Do If You Find a Stray or Feral Cat

Short answer? M-m-m-maybe

Here kitty, kitty: Should you tame a feral cat

by yuko higuchi

Infographic: Celebrate National Feral Cat Day!

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Feral cat shelters

This is my so my dog

22 Struggles Everyone Who Lives With A Cat Knows Too Well

Reading a book. | 22 Everyday Tasks That Become Real Struggles When You Get A Cat THE BOOK IS WARRIORS!!!!!!!

Meet Rhoda! She is one of the cuddliest cats you’ll ever see. Caught in a sleepy moment, here she is enjoying a quick check with the flea comb, purring away. Rhoda might look like a kitten, but she is 3-years old and thriving thanks to regular vet visits and precautions like this that can be done at home.

Spay & Neuter saves lives!