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A new moon ritual for new beginnings One candle to honor the Goddess in her new moon, blue or white is nice, any color is fine. I have a large pale blue/green candle that I use for all moon rituals.Incense or sage for cleansing the area.A small unused notebook and a pen.Four items to honor the elements.I sometimes use:a small bottle of sand for the element of eartha feather for the element of aira red candle for the element of firea small cup of water for the element of water

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Element Water: Element of #Water.



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Element Earth: Element of #Earth.

Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools: Goddess Of Love #Altar #Statue.

Moonwater is imbued with the energy of the Full or New Moon. It is great for many spells, for ritual drink on full moons or Sabbats, or just for a little extra Goddess energy. Use a glass bottle/jar filled with water left under the moon overnight (a garden or a window sill will do fine) . Add a blessing: “Blessed Moon lend your strength and courage to the water I make this night. May it be filled with your ever lasting love and healing power.