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A Sasanian Moulded Glass Scent Bottle, Of Tapering Form

A Sasanian Moulded Black Glass Bottle, Tapering Neck

Scientists say a cut glass bowl excavated from a 5th-century burial mound in Nara Prefecture originated in ancient Persia, the first domestic glassware scientifically confirmed to have arrived from western Asia. The chemical composition was almost identical to that of glass shards excavated from the ruins of a palace from the Sasanian Empire (226-651) in present-day Iran and Iraq.The glass bowl is on display at the Tokyo National Museum through Dec. 7.

A Sasanian Moulded Glass Beaker, C. 6th-8th Century

Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Glass | Corning Museum of Glass | New York | via Sasanian Empire - Persian on Facebook

A Phoenician or Carthaginian Glass Pendant in the Form of a Bearded Male Head 4TH-3RD CENTURY B.C.

Phoenician Glass Pendant in the Form of a Bearded Head 5th cent.BCE

Bottle, yellowish glass, with facet- and relief-cut decoration Iran; 9th-10th century The bottle has an “omphalos” (navel) decoration of concave roundels with a central, protruding boss. This distinctive form of decoration was not known in the Sasanian era and seems to have been invented by Muslim craftsmen who further developed Sasanian decorations with rows of facet-cut, circular sections. Omphalos decorations are found in the early Muslim period on glass with a variety of for...

tammuz: “ Sasanian-influenced flask, dating back to the 11th century CE. Sasanian glass of Persia and Mesopotamia was the key model for glass manufacture in later periods, especially during the...