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ヨルムンガンド : アニメ壁紙ブログ 【厳選アニメ壁紙】 Anime Wallpaper Selection

「徹夜を咎められる博多くん」 博多藤四郎

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Day 48: Jormungand... aka the first 12 episodes to the series. Despite what people may say this series is not even CLOSE to being dark (or good) enough to compete with Black Lagoon. Without the comparison it IS GOOD though. At least for the characters. There is no in depth plot so its left to the characters to keep you watching episode to episode. And I at least like 3 of them. Koko who is the koco leader, Jonah the child soldier and Kokos lounge and Lutz XD cuz of his but lol 3 stars