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空母「赤城」の艦橋部と飛行甲板 大日本帝國海軍 1258 x 944 Bridge and Deck of the Carrier Akagi

of the few Japanese defenders to survive the battle of tarawa one was a tanker. His name was Tadao Onuki and his story was published in Japan in 1970 called The End of the Tarawa Garrison. Onuki decided to take his type 95 light tank closer to the beach accordening to the Japanese defense doctrine of destroying the enemy on the beach, Here he had a good field of fire toward the beach he destroyed several US marines amtracs with his 37mm main gun at the approaching Marines, "There we broke…

japanese officers in the ruins of shanghai (november 1937)

japanese army officer hideki saito of the 15th infantry Division, he fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Burma Campaign and surrended to the americans in thailand 1945, however he and a number of officers of the 22nd Division refused to return to Japan , and joined the Viet Minh in their struggle for independence (First Indochina War) against the returning French colonial forces

Japanese officer with war sword.


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Sargento japonés en Birmania posa delante de un templo budista,1944

WW2 Japanese Army Officer