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Star Wars Slayn Korpil Fighter 2 by AdamKop on DeviantArt

Modified YT2400 for Scum & Villainy ......This would totally be my ship in the Star Wars universe. Might modify the cockpit a little though. I'd call it Smuggler's Wings or Scoundrels Paradise or something like that.

Star Wars Koensayr Fighter/Bomber by AdamKop

偶像戦域 - 日本アニメ(ーター)見本市

Star Wars Slayn-Korpil Fighter by AdamKop on DeviantArt


たなかよしみ on

Dragon Rider and Dragon Rider break. Dragon census fake Yakult 3, arranged in parallel. Fake Yakult, Labelle, Tomcat, fake Yakult, small Yakult homebrew... and Dragon census breaks lined up. Dragon Rider kai has become pretty deck.

Star Wars Incom LB-70 Light Bomber by on @DeviantArt