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****READ****** Hi guys. I know this is off topic but I'm trying to get more people to join my board, girl world. So if you would like to join just comment on that board and I will add you!! Also please if I add you try to add other people to make it bigger. Thank you. <3


Cute, skater girl! Black & white checkered top and black skirt

I Looooove it!! This whole thing is perfection

Easy way. (JAG LEVER)

red button up top, denim jacket, checked skirt, tights, and brown boots. Just maybe with a black blazer instead

・*:・:・゚・:※@eatingyourcake ・*:・:・゚・:※

Floral Scarf Cream Scarf Ivory Scarf Light Weight Silky Chiffon Scarf…

Denim and black dresses.


High waisted floral skirt with a black crop top