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A photo took in Manchuria by Kineo Kuwabara.


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930's Japanese New Year Greeting Postcard : Japan-Manchukuo Friendship Art / Photo of Dolls in Manchurian ( Chinese china ) Traditional Costume & Both Nations' Flags manchuria manchukuo / vintage antique old art card / Japanese history historic paper material Japan

WWII - type 95 ha-go light tanks in manchuria 1945

Mukden Incident, also called Manchurian Incident, (1931), seizure of the Manchurian city of Mukden (now Shenyang, Liaoning province, China) by Japanese troops, which was followed by the Japanese invasion of all of Manchuria (now Northeast China) and the establishment of the Japanese-dominated state of Manchukuo (Manzhouguo) in the area.

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Japanese History - The Mukden Incident, also known as the Manchurian Incident, was a staged event engineered by Japanese military personnel as a pretext for invading the northern part of China, known as Manchuria, in 1931.