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Kabuki actor, ICHIKAWA Danjuro XII (1946~2013):

Iron Tengu Somen by Myochin Muneharu.Edo period (17th century) The face plate forged in one piece and the nose and ears separately forged and riveted together, the surface finished in a russet patina and hammered up with prominent wrinkles and eyebrows held in a scowl, with two pegs for cords and one ventilation hole on the chin, the interior lacquered black and red signed Myochin (no) ki Muneharu. Fitted with a four-lame yodarekake lacquered gold and laced in orange



Japanese traditional puppet theater, Bunraku 文楽

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Japanese mountain priest, Yamabushi 山伏

Tengu are of two physical types: karasu tengu 烏天狗 identified by a bird's head and beak; and konoha tengu 木の葉天狗 distinguished by a human physique but with wings and a long nose (also called yamabushi tengu). This type of tengu often carries a feather fan in one hand. Daiyūzan Saijō-ji Temple

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