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Hong Kong (香港)

二手勞力士代托納型金盤系列 PRE-OWNED ROLEX 16523 DAYTONA GOLD DIAL-EW04168 HKD 69,800.00 USD 9,018.00

wiredで「Google Glass」はファッションとして成り立つのか?という技術では無くアクセサリーとして成立するのか?と言う議論が面白い。「Google Glass」は革新的なAR端末だ。そして、この端末は身に着けるアクセサリーのひとつでもある。しかしこの端末を着けている姿を、人に見られたいと思うだろうか。という視点でこの記事は書かれている。テクノロジーの課題では無く見た目に触れられている点が面白い。

Who are smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Android Wear really for? Smart watches are attempting to break into the mainstream. The massive marketing machines of Apple, Google and Samsung are trying to push their appeal beyond geeks and early adopters and get everyone wondering whether there’s a smartwatch for them.

Apple Watch preorders kick off, some models quickly sell out

「Colors of the Wind」映画Pocahontasより: You can own the earth and still all you'll own is earth until you can paint with all the colors of the wind. あなたは大地を所有できても、あなたが所有するすべてが大地よ、あなたが風の色の全てで絵を描けるようになるまではね。


Computer components can look cool too…

That's awesome

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A Rainbow Is A Song: The Wild, Curious & Wonderful World of Synesthesia

A Rainbow Is A Song: The Wild, Curious & Wonderful World of Synesthesia by Megan Erickson, Any cross blending or linking of the senses, ex. Seeing sounds as colors. Listen to the interview with neuroscientist David Eagleman. #Synesthesia #David_Eagleman #Megan_Erickson #bigthink_com

Google Glasses Preview

Google Glass

Wearable Tech and the Future of Healthcare-Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular among consumers across the US. (Google Glass, anyone?) In this infographic, we’ve listed some wearable innovations that may change healthcare as we know it.#technology #health #infographics [Smart Watches & Wearable Electronics:]