Reminds me of my twins! One black and one liver! ♡♡

puppy English Springer Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel black and tan puppy

Parti Cocker Spaniels are the best. Who wouldn't want one in their home.

white and black

I have a black & white English Springer Spaniel back home named Max. Dogs are good companions. It's funny how they show emotions like little kids begging for food from the dinner table, or standing by the back door crying to go outside. Max has his own personality as weird as that sounds and totally favors my mom. He's an active dog so he's fun to go on runs with or walks on the beach in the fall.

Danny - Bernese Mountain Dog

.. water dog! #springer #spaniel

Cute Shiba Inu dog relaxing on his back. More

Hillary – English Springer Spaniel Puppy #springerspaniel #keystonepuppies

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