Showcasing cool macro photography of insects close up by photographer Igor Siwanowicz. Igor is an expert in macro photograph and talented nature photographer based...

Incredible creatures up-close - Iwan Susanto/Solent News/Rex

Revelry thing about 12th Ameameame |? National Geographic (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) Japan Official site

Idolomantis diabolica (Devil's Flower Mantis) - performing a threat display

Plumose midge by nikolarahme, via Flickr

Madagascar giant jumping stick insect (note the dragon like wings).

Baby Hoppers | by: elriz: Green grasshoppers and brown locusts are close cousins, both in the grasshopper family. But while grasshoppers hop like mad and can be abundant and pesky, locusts can fly. More significant, locusts have the unusual ability to be total loners or to enter what scientists euphemistically call "a gregarious state" — this is the flying and swarming stage, the stuff of Biblical proportions.

Milkweed Grasshopper

˚Aposematic grasshopper, Romaleidae - Brazil

macrophotograph: Freaky Caterpillar

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