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One of the few Moken villages in the Andaman Sea. The Moken sea nomads used to live on boats and stayed in temporary island shelters only during the typhoon season. Over the last years, more and more Moken started to semi-settle in villages. This pic is by German documentary show Weltspiegel

Pe Tat makes a new roof for his family’s kabang from palm leaves. A Moken proverb holds that ‘If your young man is able to build a boat, make oars or sails, if he knows how to use the pole to harpoon the turtles, then I will give my daughter to him. If not, I will never allow her to leave.’


Charleston Harbor

wow. Nostalgia - I lived in the Virgin Islands at one time and use to sail there. Then i also owned a 27' sailboat that was docked in San Diego.