The 411 on Pilates reformers from Shape magazine featuring tips from Chris Ann Reuter of JK Zen Fitness in Los Angeles.

pilates ring arm exercises: Found a #pilatesring in the sales today, so thought I'd make the £2.00 investment and gather some images to try it out! Here's to arms of steel this summer?

REMEMBER TO STRETCH!!! Start with a nice warm up and a good cool down as well. It is extremely important so that you avoid any injuries and that next day sore feeling :)

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Knee Pain

Don’t think you have time to workout? Think again! Get your daisy dukes ready for any occasion with this fun HIIT (high intensity interval training) leg workout to hit song, “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert. In less than 4 minutes you’ll have your leg workout for the day complete!

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the spider pilates reformer exercise 3

pilates exercise with ring - Google Search

Prop room. What a great idea! Use a whole closet (walk in closet) to give more space in the studio

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