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The Witch Tree is an ancient Thuja occidentalis growing on the shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais. The tree is held sacred by the Ojibwe, who traditionally leave offerings of tobacco to ensure a safe journey on Lake Superior. Due to its sacred nature and vandalism problems in the past, the tree is considered off limits to visitors unless accompanied by a local Ojibwe band member.

Witch Tree Lake Superior on Minnesota's North Shore Drive

1000 Year Old Yew Tree, West Wales

The paperbark cherry, or Tibetan cherry tree is known for its stunning mahogany-red bark. As the tree ages, its bark peals adding color and texture.

Of old, the Celts believed that trees had souls and could think and even move. Trees were planted over the graves of the dead, especially of ill fated lovers, and it was thought that their spirits continued on inside the shell of the tree. In Athens Tennessee they tell the mostly true story of the Hackberry and the Oak: see Chapter 29 of Dixie Spirits,

Ta Prohm, Siem Reap Province, KH by jessoloof: Roots of Thikpok, 'Tetrameles nudiflora' #Ta_Prohm #Trees #jessoloof #Cambodia #Thikpok

Cherry blossom tree at the Fuji volcano