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The Witch Tree is an ancient Thuja occidentalis growing on the shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais. The tree is held sacred by the Ojibwe, who traditionally leave offerings of tobacco to ensure a safe journey on Lake Superior. Due to its sacred nature and vandalism problems in the past, the tree is considered off limits to visitors unless accompanied by a local Ojibwe band member.

Witch Tree Lake Superior on Minnesota's North Shore Drive

** Enchanted forest

The Lucky Tree of Chapel Rock ~ Chapel Rock on Lake Superior has a single tree perched atop its column. By rights the tree should not be there: the small surface area of land on the top of the rock is insufficient to sustain a tree of this size. if you look closely the roots cross over the bluff to an area that sustains the tree.

1000 Year Old Yew Tree, West Wales

The famous Bristle Cone Pines, oldest trees in the world in Great Basin NP, Nevada

Nakatsuna Lake #nagano #japan

Druids Trees: I would love to sit and have a conversation with this tree