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TALLSTAR! Dit dit da da daaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hear Me Roar... by Mizu-no-Akira

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Spoilers. Warriors by Erin Hunter.


I wish I was never born! Poor Jay:(

Brackenpelts parents were Mason and Ginger. His parents were kittypets. Mason told one of his friends to bring him to windclan. Brackenpelt was only a lot when he was brought to windclan. He stayed in windclan for the rest of his life. Littlestripe told bracken pelts mittypet friend, Shadow, to bring her to fallenclan as a kit because Riverclan had many shadowclan invasions. They wanted Littlestripe to be safe. Littlestripe stayed in fallenclan for the rest of her life. Continued.

Yellowfang's Secret How can I be a Warrior if I have to bear the Pain of all the Clan?

Have I ever mentioned that I like Russetfur? And Blackstar? Together? Obviously not... So yep, I ship the cranky leader'n deputy, because they're made for each other. Like seriously, have you ever ...