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lil purple lion's mane

white platinum hair #leda #muir #ledamonsterbunny


❌⭕️❌⭕️ ρσяcєℓαιиIV

martwe-mysli: “ ✖ The Leda Bunny ✖ inspiration ✖ purple hair ✖ pastel goth ” Beautiful pastel goth style inspiration Learn more about the types of Gothic fashion here

She looks so cute, like a little fairy elf child.

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(( fc Leda Muir )) hey or whatever. My name is Lexi. They say I'm emo. I guess I'm kinda sensitive. I don't know. I love BVB, Panic! At the Disco, My chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and 5SOS. Most people are afraid to admit they like 5SOS, I'm not. I don't have many friends but the few close friends of mine say I am funny and cool to be around. So, hey.

The name's Emerson Ridley Foster. I'm 19 and single. In my bag I had your basic survival stuff because I'm a weirdo who's always prepared. Look's like it payed off. I have soap, a pocket knife, matches, clothes, a water purifier, bug spray, a poncho, a blanket/sleeping bag combo, rope/cord, and a tent. I'm good at first-aid, planning/strategy, and tend to not give out my interests.