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『 #Feel_In_The_Air 心の鍵は外して 退屈が一転 君といれば毎日がウィークエンド』"Feel in the air Mỗi ngày bên em đều là ngày cuối tuần, tâm hồn anh như được mở ra, mọi muộn phiền đều tan biến hết." | 進撃の巨人 A4 クリアファイル 月夜 ( リヴァイ ) | ホビー 通販

Ring-tailed Lemurs, found only in the southern part of Madagascar in the dry forest and bush. Highly social creatures, ring-tailed lemurs live in groups averaging 17 members. Their society is female-dominant, and a group will often contain multiple breeding females. Females reproduce starting at 3 years of age, generally giving birth to one baby a year.

Yu|池永康晟, Ikenaga Yasunari

"Quãng thời gian tuyệt vời. Trong làn gió biển tuyệt vời. Mùa hè vẫn còn dài lắm." #AAA #Attack_All_Around #Summer2016

Lovely-KittyCats, bulldawg12: Cat attack!

*The other day I went to L.A. Happened to encounter something so different I didn’t know and broad and so beautiful, it was a really great feeling it made me want to dance to the ends of the earth. Memories while in L.A #la #losangels #deathvalley #unotravel* (Cre: misakolove)

NASA SR-71_48

$8.48 (Buy here: ) Aluminum Alloy Bright LED Flashlight Torch Waterproof Cree XML T6 Zoomable AAA Rechargeable Rotary Focusing Lotus Head Attack for just $8.48

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