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1970 After nearly three years of exploring the dives and dens of the London scene, Smile's morale begins to wane a little. After the Mercury episode, Brian in particular is loath to let any glittering temptations lure the band up any more dead-end streets. But playing safe leaves them with no place to go, and the inevitable happens. Tim Staffell hammers the final nail in Smile's coffin in the summer of 1970, when he announces that he's had enough of going nowhere, and leaves the band…

Ibex - - Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Discography, Bibliography, Charts

QUEEN Freddie Mercury 15 December 1973 Leicester by tarlotoys, €35.00

Freddie Mercury, kinda looks like syd barrett here

Roger Taylor.// but it's Meddows* not Meadows, if I may just point that out.