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Italian artist Patrizia Guerresi Maïmouna is a photographer, video artist and a sculptor. Her work provides an intimate perspective on the relationship between women and society. She uses recurrent metaphors such as milk, light, the hijab, trees, and contrasting white on black to create awareness of the vital unifying qualities of the feminine archetype and its special healing potential.

Kyoto: I have a picture of my daughter at this same age in one of these kimonos from when we lived in Japan. It takes a while to put on :)

Robert Mapplethorpe - Grace Jones 1984, painted by the New York graffiti artist, Keith Haring. ☚

トラリンのモン族 Vietnam

Interesting scarf/headdress lighting idea Alex London Kyoko Munakata

Patrizia Guerresi Maïmouna, Darlinger, 2011