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Colorado Framebuilders BBQ

The tradition of American frame builders is long and twisted, like the boughs of an old oak tree. There are many branches, some thicker and more established than others. One of those is Colorado’s Mark Nobilette, who has been brazing tubes together since 1973.

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Canadians are very proud of their outdoor lifestyle and their sense of adventure, it’s always good to hear from the riders and their rides. Paul Keodprom is a wrench at a Toronto bike shop, Blacksmith Cycle, who recently built up his dream steel road frame, handmade by Colorado’s Alchemy Bikes.

NEW YORK! Get along to the Rapha Cycle Club this month for a retrospective exhibition of Richard Sachs Cycles curated by House Industries. It will blow your mind.

On the first page of the 1994 Serotta catalog, Ben Serotta outlines his raison d’être: ‘If you can’t build something good, both in quality and aesthetics, something you’ll proudly put your name on, you probably shouldn’t build it at all’. That mission statement stands behind every bike that bears Ben’s name, a timeline that dates back to 1972, including this Colarado ATX from 1994.

After nearly twenty-two years since it was released, Cannondale‘s 3.0 Series Track bike is still one of the most popular models from its entire catalog. Perhaps its because the uncluttered lines of the track frame is the best to admire their trademark oversized aluminium tubes.