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Bunbuku Chiyagama; Man Mo Kucha Gama, Kettle Tanuki

images of tanuki | 楽天市場】信楽焼 > 信楽焼 置物 > 信楽焼 たぬき ...

【work】 高槻 成紀(著)『タヌキ学入門 -かちかち山から3.11まで 身近な野生動物の意外な素顔-』/ 誠文堂新光社 イラストカット

百鬼夜行絵巻 制作者は玉園(ぎょくえん)。浮世絵で描かれた百鬼夜行。孫悟空と日本の妖怪たちの対峙の様子が3枚の続き絵に描かれている。Chinese specter Son Goku versus the Japanese specter us

Japanese Hanging Scroll "Moon and Raccoon Dog" @k195

Banca dati doganale Zue

Baku (獏 ou 貘)/ The baku is a protector against pestilence and evil, and among dreams he is said to prefer to devour nightmares, protecting humans from the evil inside them. It is said that if you sleep on a bed made of baku skin, you can keep illness away. Today, the word baku refers to the tapir as well as the magical beast.

What the heck is a tanuki? 8 things you didn't know about raccoon dogs

タヌキ / Raccoon dog

<道外 狸の六化撰 : DOUKE TANUKI NO ROKKASEN> KUNIYOSHI UTAGAWA 1798-1861 Last of Edo Period