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Parents sometimes feel that because their children have “baby” teeth that will eventually fall out, there is no need to fix a problem that may arise with those teeth. The truth is that baby teeth or deciduous/primary teeth are very important. Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

Please don't put a baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth unless it is water. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Early Childhood Caries (EEC) is most common in the upper front teeth, but the back teeth can be affected too. It is mostly caused from baby spending too much time with a bottle in their mouth containing any liquid with sugar in it, including milk and juice. Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

A split tooth is often the result of the long term progression of a cracked tooth. The split tooth is identified by a crack with distinct segments that can be separated. A split tooth cannot be saved intact. The position and extent of the crack, however, will determine whether any portion of the tooth can be saved. In some cases, endodontic treatment may be performed to save a portion of the tooth.

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How to raise happy children by being a happy parent -

Teaching children to behave gets better rewards when you're positive rather than critical. Positive parenting by Mum in a Nutshell

Children usually start losing their baby teeth from around six years of age. From 6-12 years, children have a mixture of adult and baby teeth. The baby teeth at the back are replaced around 10-12 years of age. By this age, most children have all their adult teeth except for the third molars (wisdom teeth).

Have you ever seen a tooth bush with a tooth brush before?

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