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"Walk Between Worlds of Shadow and Light the Wise-Woman travels in Spirit Flight Oh, ye Witches of Olde Beyond the Hedge Pierce the Veil and Walk the Edge with Herbs and Potions that Comfort and Heal Come Together and Turn the Wheel"

The full moon is the strongest time to decant your herbal tinctures. That is a fancy word for straining them. If you have herbal tinctures that you made 2 new moons ago or earlier, it is time to strain if you are reading this on a full moon. Remember to thank the herb you are working with and to give the strained herb back to the earth rather than just throwing it out. You can charge your herbal tincture in the moonlight during the full moon before storing in a cool dark place.

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"I am Witch. I Cast out disease and pain from your body. I Cast out sorrow from your mind. I am Healer. I am Witch."

Kitchen Witchery: Utensils for the #Kitchen #Witch.

Raven is said to be the protector and teacher of seers and clairvoyants. In the past, witches were thought to turn themselves into ravens to escape pursuit. A witch works with a familiar by drawing on a particular species for their strength and abilities. A familiar may also act as a guide to the Otherworld, and act as helpers in healing or magic.


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