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Iridescence of Costa’s Hummingbird’s Feathers » Focusing on Wildlife

~~ Fiery throated hummingbird by Jeff Costa Rica photography ~~


The Bird Show

How can I resist him? You can't :)

murmuration of starlings, so fascinating

Siempre tengo esa voz que sopla mágicamente a mis oídos.

Rainbow Hummingbird アオミミハチドリ

Metallic swallow-tailed hummingbird from South America Uno de taaantas variedades de colibrí :D

Goliath Heron. This is the largest heron in the world standing at between 120 - 152cm tall. (40 - 60 inches) Its broad wings flap ponderously to propel thhis huge bird through the air. The smaller Purple Heron has similar colouring but the white under-stripe and black legs of the Goliath are diagnostic. Found on wetlands, estuaries and dams.