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Rainbow Hummingbird アオミミハチドリ

Ecuador Female Swordbill - Cyrano de Bergerac, move over.

~~ Fiery throated hummingbird by Jeff Costa Rica photography ~~

Goliath Heron. This is the largest heron in the world standing at between 120 - 152cm tall. (40 - 60 inches) Its broad wings flap ponderously to propel thhis huge bird through the air. The smaller Purple Heron has similar colouring but the white under-stripe and black legs of the Goliath are diagnostic. Found on wetlands, estuaries and dams.

It's "Ruby Throated" Tuesday! by MrClean1982, via Flickr

Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae), perched. CubaThere are over 300 species. (Family Trochilidae, order Apodiformes.) The long cleft tongue of a hummingbird is in the form of a double tube, which can be extended a considerable distance beyond the bill and withdrawn again very rapidly; the sternum (breastbone) is greatly developed, forming a suitable base for the wing muscles; the plumage has a metallic lustre. .