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Link to "Live Science" article... "An ancient armored fish was fossilized in the…

Images: Stingray Sex, Mini-Horses & Other Curiosities of Fossil Lake

From Fossil Lake, which was teeming with life during the early Eocene, about 52 million years ago. Only one frog has ever been found at the formation. The single specimen pictured here measures just 1.6 inches (4 cm) long.

Akantharges sp. Erfoud, Morocco アカンタルゲス・未定種 新種(Akantharges sp. New)

Ancient reptile birth preserved in fossil

psephoderma - Triassic (220 - 205 mln)

The Titanoboa - In the pantheon of predators, it's one of the greatest discoveries since the T-Rex: a snake 48 feet long, weighing in at 2,500 pounds. Uncovered from a treasure trove of fossils in a Colombian coal mine, this serpent is revealing a lost world of giant creatures. Travel back to the period following the extinction of dinosaurs and encounter this monster predator.

Superorden恐竜類,国立博物館,動物,フリー百科事典,History Dinosauria,Dinosauria Saurischia,Rex National,D Un Tyrannosaurus,Bras D Un

prehistoric 7-egg Oviraptor Dinosaur nest dating to approximately 75 million years ago

Trilobite Fossil - Very cool!

It’s a pretty rare event to find complete fossils in good condition. After millions of years any number of things could happen to destroy fossils before they are discovered and documented by scientists, if the animal even fossilizes at all. Finding well preserved baby animals is particularly hard, since they are more likely to have gotten trampled or eaten after their death. Recently uncovered fosil was so complete and intact, he was actually able to speculate about the cause of death.

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