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Carlo sans titre, 1967 gouache et mine de plomb sur papier 70,5 x 50 cm © crédit photographique Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne

Carlo Zinelli | Just to refresh the mind

Outsider Folk Art Gallery - Outsider Art | Carlo Zinelli | CZ001 (Front)

hayatoの響音窟 - WEB美術展 - ゾンネンシュターン

Carlo Zinelli (1916–1974) Verona, Italy 1967 Gouache on paper; double-sided 27 1/2 x 19 5/8 in.

HANS KRUSI (1920-1995) | He made his first drawings using a felt-tipped pen on napkins, but later resorted to sheets of paper. He also took up painting, using paper, pieces of cardboard and wood panels as supports. Further still, he created a number of tridimensional pieces.

EUGENIO SANTORO (1920-2006) | His works have an anamorphic quality, marked as they are by contorted facial features, twisted heads, lopsided stances, imbalance and other anatomic distortions. Each sculpture is made of several pieces of woods assembled by nails.