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Global Puzzle

Dark Crystal, Jim Henson wove an epic tale in the form of a movie revealing that many creatures of seeming insignificance... are, in fact, the key to significant change.

Alexandrite: A small stone rarely larger than a pinky nail. One of the rarest gemstones in the world! Green in the daylight and red in artificial light. Promotes inner harmony, joy and cheerfulness. It also has a harmonizing effect on relationships.

353 UCDM. Mis ojos, mi boca, mis manos y mis pies tienen hoy un solo propósito: estar al servicio de la energía Crística a fin de que Él pueda utilizarlos para bendecir al mundo con milagros.

Fractal branching patterns in nature, Dendritic Agate Cabochon

1.1 Analcime (Hydrated Sodium Aluminum Silicate) - Analcime on Quartz

zephyr : 画像