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The German cruiser SMS Bremen, in 1907

4.1 in light cruiser SMS Konigsberg trapped in the Rufiji delta in what is now Tanzania, 1915. After several British attempts to destroy her, shallow bottom monitors finally succeeded late that year. Her guns were salvaged by her crew, which fought on with German East African forces in one of the least known campaigns of the war.

Japanese heavy cruiser Ashigara on a visit to Germany in Kiel harbour, May 1937. Pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee is behind. Ashigara was sunk by British submarine HMS Trenchant in June 1945: Graf Spee was scuttled after the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939.

Hippolyte Arnoux y sus fotos del Canal de Suez

Port-Said hacia 1869, fotografíado por Hipolyte Arnaux

IJN Light Cruiser Agano 日本海軍軽巡洋艦-阿賀野


IJN Battleship Nagato moored at Hashira-jima after the Battle of Midway, August 1942. 日本海軍戦艦-長門

Fascinating!! In the early part of the 20th century French-Jewish capitalist Albert Kahn set about to collect a photographic record of the world, the images were held in an 'Archive of the Planet'. Before the 1929 stock market crash he was able to amass a collection of 180,000 metres of b/w film and more than 72,000 autochrome plates, the first industrial process for true colour photography

IJN Heavy Cruiser Ashigara M

1906 ... The Dreadnought Launched. HMS Dreadnought was a battleship of the Royal Navy that revolutionised naval power. Her entry into service in 1906 represented such a marked advance in naval technology that her name came to be associated with an entire generation of battleships, the "dreadnoughts", as well as the class of ships named after her. The generation of ships she made obsolete became known as "pre-dreadnoughts". She was the sixth ship of that name in the Royal Navy.