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Women should always have control over their own bodies.

it's actually ridiculus that we have to say that. nobody should question that. wouldn't it be better to say "gay is normal" than "gay is ok" because there's no need to think it wouldn't be ok #queer #lgbt

Lmao! Winning!

30 Quotes about letting go

30 Quotes about letting go #words

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This article was written by a 13 year old girl who is a lot wiser than some adults I have met.

#prochoice #contraception #abortion. It's about time we stop using the term of choice of those who are AGAINST choice and call them out for what they really are: anti-abortionists. If they truly were pro life as they claim to be, they wouldn't say crap like "if a woman is going to die without an abortion, it's god's will." FUCK YOU AND YOUR MORBID PROPAGANDA!

#Smoke #weed

Like this if you support gay rights. I'm not trying to start a riot. So please don't argue. We all have our own opinions :) mines that love is love and we should all be free to love who we love :)