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Classic sophistication and a modern style

サングラス, シャツ, ジャケット, スラックス, タッセルローファー, ダブルジャケット, チェックジャケット, チノパン, ネクタイ, バッグ, ブレザー, ポケットチーフ, ローファー, 黒パンツ,etc. 理想の着こなし・コーディネートがきっとここに。|

I Wish My Boyfriend Would Dress Like This...

☆ Earthy warm and casually elegant. ☆

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❤️Men in Suits. For the women I know, a handsome man in a tailored suit is the equivalent of a pretty woman in her lingerie or bikini. There's also the notion that a man who takes good care of himself will also take good care of you IF you are important enough to him.