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I need to make one of these for my husband. My bow has a shelf, but his doesn't,he's cut up his hand quite a bit because of it.

Archery Equipment - medieval

How to Make an Arm Guard for Archery

How to Make Leather Arm Guards. Leather arm guards protect your arm during archery.

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Most westerners have never seen or heard about the thumb ring and draw used in Asian archery. The Turks, Koreans and Mongols still use a thumb ring to draw their bows. Actually it's the thumb, index and second fingers that draw the bow, with the thumb ring protecting the pad of the first thumb joint. The end of the thumb and ring acts as a second class lever with the joint being the fulcrum, like the wheel of a wheel barrow.

Kyudo: Japanese Art of Archery

Rabe Leder Haar Haarspange/Original Handarbeit/Rabe/Krähe/Vogelbeobachter/Haar Zubehör/Nordic/Celtic/Steam Punk/Gothic/Hair barrette

Rabe Leder Haar Haarspange Handarbeit/Rabe/Krähe Lederhaarspange

dirtylostkitten: Iranian archer Shiva Mafakheri

dirtylostkitten: “ Iranian archer Shiva Mafakheri aims at a target during horseback archery competitions, in Tehran, on May 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi). Converted to black and white and contrast...