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Fighting the flames. | Shared by LION

'Doing Work (Explored)' by Justin Keith, taken in Virginia, MN.

PM News Links: Massachusetts' economy growing twice as fast as nation's, explosion rocks condo complex and more

U.S. Forest Service Firefighters - working in conjunction with specially designed firefighting aircraft, wildfire-trained crews suppress flames, construct firelines, & extinguish flames & areas of heat to protect resources & natural wilderness. Hotshot crews are considered an elite group among wildland firefighters, due to their extensive training, high physical fitness standards, & ability to undertake difficult, dangerous, assignments.

【運命に導かれた男たちの思惑が交差するとき、生き物と化した炎が襲いかかるー。】殉職した父の後を継いで、消防士になる決意をしてシカゴに戻ってきたブ ライアン(ウィリアム・ボールドウィン)。父の同僚と、今や消防中尉の兄スティーブン(カート・ラッセル)と大火災を戦う日々を送っていた。ある日、ブラ イアンは元恋人のジェニファー(ジェニファー・ジェイソン・リー)と再会し、彼女の上司に放火犯罪調査の仕事を勧められる。

NJ House Fire. #Setcom


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Sometimes you're so tired you float...lose your senses briefly, and love this job!!