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Prince Albert Victor of Wales (1864-1892) | Would have been gto marry HH Princess May of Teck but died before the wedding took place.

King George V (1865-1936), when Prince George of Wales | He would marry his dead brothers fiance and they would reign as King George V and Queen Mary.

Enamel and gold box with inset miniature of Edward VII (1841-1910). Gold, enamel, diamonds, watercolour on ivory. Acquirer: King George V, King of the United Kingdom (1865-1936). Provenance: Given to George V by Queen Mary in, or later than, 1910.

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales ... miniature painting on ivory

Archduke von Austria Imre and his sister Archduchess Marie Christine

Princess Elizabeth, future Queen of the United Kingdom. 1930s.

Princess Helena (1846-1923, wearing the opal necklace and earrings given to her by her mother as a wedding present, 1866. The gift also included a brooch to match, and all the jewelry was to provided by Messrs R. & S. Garrard & Co., Haymarket. This miniature was painted by William Charles Bell.

AUGUSTE GARNEREY (FRENCH, 1785-1824) <br />A young lady, as a bride, in white dress with red floral ribbon trim, white veil, white roses and cornflowers in her upswept curling brown hair, holding a bouquet of the same flowers in her left hand; sky background<br />signed 'AUG<v>T</v><v>E GARNEREY. 1816' (mid-right) <br />on <i>papier vélin</i> <br />oval, 7 in. (178 mm.) high, large rectangular gilt-wood frame with foliate spandrels<br /></v>

Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, the future Kaiser Wilhelm II - Gugliemo Faija (1861)