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Выставка "Транспорт России".❤️✈️Forum and exhibition Transport of Russia. Aeroflot and Pobeda.#InstaSize #ilovemyjob #airline #aviation #stewardess #crew#flightattendants #aeroflot#Pobeda

Brave all female Japan Airlines cabin crew relating their exploits in overpowering and capturing three wanted terrorists. When they tried to take over the flight, one was quickly subdued by two of the cabin crew; a second clumsily dropped his pistol and a third surrendered without a fight to a stewardess. All three were disarmed and securely bound by the women and locked in the galley until the plane reached Kobe. Needless to say all four stewardesses are due for a bravery award.


ケイタ マルヤマの丸山敬太が、JAL客室乗務員の新しい制服をデザイン - 写真1


フランス エールフランス航空

Happy JAL stewardesses after having foiled an attempted hijack and captured the perpetrator. The man had got through security with a harmless seeming nail scissor, but he tried to threaten the hostesses with it and divert the Kobe bound flight to Malaysia. The girls didn't panic and eventually persuaded the man to surrender.

働くオンナ猟り vol.09プレステージ

Pan Am Stewardess もっと見る

ケイタ マルヤマの丸山敬太が、JAL客室乗務員の新しい制服をデザイン の写真34

1960年代に撮影されたスチュワーデス(客室乗務員)たちのカラー写真26枚 - DNA