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Выставка "Транспорт России".❤️✈️Forum and exhibition Transport of Russia. Aeroflot and Pobeda.#InstaSize #ilovemyjob #airline #aviation #stewardess #crew#flightattendants #aeroflot#Pobeda

Hijacker: "If I hand you my knife, as you suggest, what will happen next?" Nippon Airways hostess, bravely trying to end the situation: "I will dispose of your knife, and then I will tie you up. You will probably be arrested by the police in Kobe, but I will tell them you surrendered peacefully, and didn't hurt anybody." Hijacker, handing her the knife: "Very well, then."


全日空の新制服 - 時事

Happy JAL stewardesses after having foiled an attempted hijack and captured the perpetrator. The man had got through security with a harmless seeming nail scissor, but he tried to threaten the hostesses with it and divert the Kobe bound flight to Malaysia. The girls didn't panic and eventually persuaded the man to surrender.

Pan Am Stewardess もっと見る

ローコストキャリア(格安航空会社)からその国を代表する航空会社(フラッグ・キャリア)まで、古今東西入り乱れた航空会社40社のスチュワーデス(客室乗務員)の写真です。1. ブリュッセル航空(ベルギー)2. ウィズエ...



フランス エールフランス航空

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