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Entangled Pendant Gold - Designed by Judy Hilton and Pat Crelly as a sacred geometry symbol of unity. My connection with you brings joy, love, and peace. With you I can imagine every possibility. We are Entangled… The entangled pendant is designed by Judy Hilton and Pat Crelly and created by the artist David Weitzman. The following text was written by Pat Crelly to describe the pendant: The Entangled symbol was born out of a deep spiritual connection between two ...

Pendente d'argento impigliato

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Constellations Pendants- Orion's Belt, Cassiopia, Pleiadies, Big or Little Dipper | sumally

Seed of Life Pendant Silver With Gemstones - The Symbol of Creation and…


Necklace | Yumi Endo "Cut". Stainless steel, sterling silver box chain

David Yurman

The Light Pendant Silver - Wonderful design contains two known symbols – The Vesica Pisces and Tetractis. This structure is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness which is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation. This simple structure consists of two crossed circles, by which one can extract the geometrical and mathematical laws that represent our reality.

Fluorite Pendant with Shiny Finish

Seed of Life Pendant - Silver - The Symbol of Creation and Fertility. A symbol of blessing, fertility and protection Seed of life is worn as a symbol of protection for pregnant women. It helps to create new ideas and to open new pathways in life. The seed of life is a symbol for the days of creation. It addresses the creative process of the Flower of Life - a geometric shape that symbolizes the entire universe.