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Haitian vèvè of Atibon Legba, the loa who is the guardian of the crossroads. (Figge Art Museum)

Baron Samedi is a Vodou Loa, or sacred spirit who presides over the dead. He is a guardian of the crossroads between life and death, and guides the departed into the underworld. He has power over sexuality, rebirth, and healing, and can offer protection against curses and black magic.

Inuit letters


Dandelions, limited edition giclee print

« Pissenlits » sont une estampe tirée directement de lun des pages de mon livre, « Vingt façons pour dessiner un arbre ». Cette impression est une

Bruno Munari, Drawing a tree


MARIE LAVEAU VEVE - Solid Cast Voodoo Veve Lwa Vodou Charm Pendant in Sterling Silver

MARIE LAVEAU - STERLING Silver 925 Voodoo Veve Lwa Voudun Charm Pendant

voodoo_typo_christophe_barneau_1.jpg (648×990)

Ritual Symbols of the Voodoo Spirits: Voodoo Veves