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Artist: Unknown - Title: Unknown - Card: Sea Bishop From The Deep (Abnormal)

村山竜大 @ovopack · 1月23日 スペースドラゴン案・・・

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Mormo- Greek myth: a spirit that accompanied Hecate. The grief of losing her own children turned her into a monster and led her to bite and steal misbehaving children.

ファントムドラゴン - Dragon

While typically mindless, a flesh golem will sometimes possess the memories of the beings from which it was created. In such an instance, a flesh golem will eventually become an intelligent, free-willed being. No natural animal willingly tracks a flesh golem. The golem wears whatever clothing its creator desires, usually just a ragged pair of trousers. It has no possessions and no weapons.


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Long – Story concept art by Guodong Zhao

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