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We always seem to wonder at some point in our lives as to why we are the way that we are. Why do we behave in a certain way that others don’t? Why is it that I and my sibling or my best friend has different likes, choices and hobbies? And most importantly, why are we different from each other at all?

How to Make the Perfect Rogan Josh: An Indian Lamb Dish

Wendys Spicy Chicken Recipe *so this was good as far as chicken sandwhiches go.. But it wasn't spicy at all.. I did leave out a tsp of cayenne because 4tsp seemed like a lot. With a little tweaking this could be a frequent meal*

Strange and mysterious hole around the planet range from fiery craters that seem like the doors to hell to sink holes that swallow enormous amount of water.

How to Make the Perfect Rogan Josh: An Indian Lamb Dish

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy cheering on Yummy Yammy at the Fancy Food Show. "I love sweet potatoes," he said. He seemed to like my Fiery Honey Lemon Ginger Roasted Sweet Potato Dip the best. "Oooo. It's good," he reported.

Lava Flow Black - Swirling Abstract Artwork Modern Metal Decor Urban Art Contemporary Dip-Painting by Renowned Artist Nicholas Yust. Lava Flow Black is another of Nicholas Yust's extremely popular abstract metal paintings in his 'Liquid Fusion' collection. This red and black version seems to depict exactly what the name suggests, with fiery molten lava and burnt charcoal flowing across the surface. Like every other piece in that collection, is completely unique and impossible to…

Giant Globe Emanates A Fiery Blaze


Take Shelly's "On the Medusa of Leonardo DaVinci" and the painting on which it was based "It lieth, gazing on the midnight sky,/Upon the cloudy mountain-peak supine;/Below, far lands are seen tremblingly;/Its horror and its beauty are divine./Upon its lips and eyelids seems to lie/Loveliness like a shadow, from which shine,/Fiery and lurid, struggling underneath,/The agonies of anguish and of death..." Image becomes text becomes image and viewer/reader becomes that which is gazed upon.