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kalagni: “ Heruka sex ”

GAUTUMA BUDDHA LIFE: Born in the garden of Lumbini, his childhood locked inside the palace compounds, how he was prevented from seeing and experiencing any kind of pain or suffering of outside world, the day he ventured beyond the castle walls and came across sorrow, pain, death and those suffering - he saw beggar, a cripple, a corpse and a holy man - which affected the prince deeply, the night he escaped the walls of the palace, when all were asleep and began the life of wandering ascetic…

This is the sphere of the undefiled Whose minds are pure, without false ideas, Like the sky in all directions, Lamps of wisdom who have dispelled darkness. Those who pervade all worlds Of all times with compassion And are benevolent to all beings Enter the way of the buddhas. This is the stage of those without grasping, The happy ones without attachment Who always gladly give all there is Impartially to all beings. This is the sphere of the undefiled, Whose minds are unafflicted and conduct…

Vajravarahi: Dorje Phakmo, the Diamond Sow, a fierce aspect of Vajrayogini, regarded as the queen of the dancing, wrathful dakinis. Vajravarahi represents passion and compassion, and ignorance as well as the wisdom of the all-encompassing matrix from which all phenomena unfold. She appeared to Padmasambhava in The Rugged Forest of Parushakavana charnel ground, and blessed him.

chemchok heruka w/ consort


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