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With mask of Nou

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Foxes (Kitsune) are a common subject of Japanese myth and folklore. Foxes are thought to be able to take human form. In myth, they sometimes possess humans or shapeshift. This is often for the purpose of seducing humans. There are several Japanese myths in which young men or women unknowingly marry a fox.Foxes are thought to be the messengers of the Gods. The marriage of foxes is considered a good omen.

Audrey Hepburn. One of the few westerners who doesn't look out of place in a kimono.

maiko hinayuu at yomiya festival, fushimi inari shrine, kyoto | japanese culture #kimono


Noh 能

Kitsune ( 狐 , fox )

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Teiko Aoi (Miss contestants of the Meiji era, the Meiji era beauty ranking) 青井テイ子(明治のミスコン出場者、明治時代の美人ランキング)