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If this isn't the cutest vintage birthday doll cake ever, I don't know what is! :) My mom made the doll cakes for me when I was a kid.

Mrs. Beasley, Mrs. Beasley.

Shag and wallpaper- omg- I remember having to rake(came with) the shag rugs to get them to stand up

gift wrap

Pretty vintage cakes from 1979s Discover the Fun of Cake Decorating Image from my vintage book collection on flickr

Tiny plastic matchbox doll and toy giraffe via Sweet Nostalgia Diary

In the 1950s, Mom made gorgeous doll cakes for my sister and me. It made a little girl feel very special. This pre-dated Barbie by quite a bit and the doll did not look as sophisticated as this. But the rosettes and ribbons and icing were as pretty as can be.

Thanksgiving pe


birthday cake w/ animal sugar cookies