the original jersey girl. thank you coco, for making women look so damn sexy dressed in menswear. chanel <3

Whereas in the 1920s casual clothes, while made in different materials, had been shaped the same as formal styles, the 1930s saw the development of fashions for sport and leisure that formed a separate entity. These included lounging pajamas—a major late-1920s and early-1930s fad—worn primarily at the seaside, and all manner of pants, shorts, playsuits, and culottes. This sporty costume, a cross between a long skirt and pants, worn with a camp-type shirt, won a prize in a California fashion…

1938 - Coco a la Pausa by Roger Schall

Luciana Val & Franco Musso

1960s mustard yellow and brown tweed sweater and skirt, knee high socks and shoes. fashion color print ad model magazine 60s beret vintage car

Marlene Dietrich wearing slacks. She was one of the first female stars in Hollywood to be photographed in pants.

St. Claire one-piece dress and St. Claire beret (Mary Magdalene)

Marlene Dietrich: another iconic tomboy of yesteryear--when this was much harder to get away with.

maybe a little too dandy but getting there

Vintage Showgirls

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